About Us

The Kansas Psychiatric Society is comprised of more than 200 psychiatrists from all areas of the state. It is an organization composed of medical specialists who are qualified, or in the process of becoming qualified as psychiatrists. The basic eligibility requirement is completion of acceptable training and holding a valid license to practice medicine or holding an academic, research, or governmental position that does not require licensure. 

Board of Directors:

President: Dr. Moneesh Mittal
President-Elect: Dr. Angela Mayorga
Treasurer: Dr. William Gabrielli, Jr.
Secretary: Dr. Colin MacKenzie
Councillor: Dr. Tara Richardson
Councillor: Dr. Walter Kalu
Councillor: Dr. Amanda Klass
APA Representative I: Dr. Matthew Macaluso
APA Representative II: Dr. Micaela Wexler
Past President: Dr. Matthew Macaluso
Past President: Dr. Vishal Adma

Resident Fellow Representatives:

Wichita: Dr. Dan Lilligren
Kansas City: Dr. Kyle Ahonen

KPS Staff:

Executive Director: Steve Kearney
Meeting Planner: Kari Presley
Financial Assistant: Melanie Lira

KPS Committees

Membership Committee:
Dr. Colin MacKenzie (chair)
Dr. Martiza Buenaver
Dr. Tina Mahl

Ethics Committee:
Dr. Vishal Adma (chair)
Dr. Barbara Winkleman
Dr. Jim Moore
Dr. Michael Burke
Dr. Linda McDonnaugh

Audit Committee:
Vacant (chair)
Dr. George Dyck
Dr. W. Walt Menninger

Legislative Committee:
Dr. Brad Grinage (chiar)
Dr. John Whipple
Dr. Matthew Macaluso

Communications Committee:
Dr. Vishal Adma (chair)
Dr. Jana Lincoln
Dr. Moneesh Mittal

Resident-Fellow Member (RFM) Committee:
Dr. Lisa Harding
Dr. Christine Duncan


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